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IP for Creators

IP for Makers and Creators
Learn how to protect your IP and your profits from piracy, theft and misappropriation.
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You've made your passion into a profession. It's time you became a professional.

Corporations spend billions of dollars protecting their creative IP. What do you know about how to create, sell and protect yours? IP for Creators is your go-to resource for your intellectual property business. Get started in professionalizing your passion today.

IP for Makers
and Creators

As a maker and creator, intellectual property is your business and your most valuable asset.  Learn how to protect your IP and your profits from piracy, bots and misappropriation.

How to Scale Your Coaching Business Using Tech

As a coach, you provide intellectual property as a service. Learn how to increase your client capacity without increasing your effort.

Featured Modules

Everything you

need to know

Course modules designed to give you the most relevant information for you and your business on your time and at your pace.


Design Patents

The most powerful tool nobody's using

  • Design patents are the fashion and design industry’s best-kept secret
  • In this module, you will learn how to maximize the financial value of your innovations in design and style.¬†
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of an actual, published design patent from application to issuance

Intro to the PPS Matrix

How to maximize revenues using your highest value IP

  • Promotional content brings you an audience and a platform. Product content and services bring you sales and revenue.
  • This module will introduce you to the product/promotion/services matrix to illustrate what kinds of content create the most value, and what kinds of content brings in audiences.
  • Learn how to protect and profit from your product content while also providing value to your audience with your promotion.
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